Moon Gazing

Aye, Mystic Traveler,
My beloved,
My Quest…
With a cool, ethereal breeze
Our Celestial Moon beams
Your reflection,
Like dreams…
Upon Seven Blue Spiritual Seas…

And as I stand near
This mysterious Shore
To divine where your head rests tonight,
I imagine you hear
My soft whispers,
So clear,
And share these rare visions of Light…

But, oh can she hear this,
My unspoken call
‘cross the misty, shimmering waves?
I’ll pray so tonight
And dream our signal light,
A beacon to transfix her gaze…

So, lend us your steeds,
All ye that know love,
Pray, help find my angel, my dear,
She travels on light,
Sun Moon and Star bright,
Searching…oh, my.…she’s so near

© 2006 Andrew M. Williams


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